About us

At Cruz del Sur farm we strongly believe in the wisdom of nature and its harmony, this is why all our crops are certified organic.

Our intention is to reconnect consumers with their primary source of food and to teach future generations to look after and value Mother Earth.We seek for the balance between taste, colour and texture in everything we plant.

Organic, local and seasonal products, farm to table!


Paula Segura Mallmann & Emiliano Cordeiro

Our Partners
Amber Waves Farm, located in The Hamptons, Ny, was created and is successfully run by our friends Amanda Merrow and Katie Baldwin. They have been our inspiration for Cruz del Sur Farm since the first time  we met them.
They have an amazing farm with an extensive CSA membership and a great focus on education since 2009.
We love and admire what Amanda and Katie have created and achieved during the past years not only in terms of organic farming but also by bringing a community together.
Coming from the restaurant business, we were introduced to organic farming by Amanda and Katie 3 years ago. Nowadays we have become friends and partners and thanks to the fact that we have opposite seasons we are planning to create an apprenticeship exchange program for young farmers offering them the possibility to have an educational experience in another part of the world.